What I’ve Learned From Meditating For Over A Decade? By Brandon Spratt (2021)

What Can Meditation Do For You?

Over the years meditation has given me the most wonderful gift of all… an inner stillness and peace that is honestly priceless. As someone who has suffered from all kinds of anxieties, depression, and insecurities, having a spiritual meditation practice in my life has healed so many of those negative voices that are not based in reality. I’ve learned how to have a healthy relationship with my ego. When my ego, who I have named Leo, starts acting up I now have the ability and awareness to recognize its patterns. It’s very rebellious and also deeply sensitive. It always wants its way and lacks patience. It strives for perfection because it’s a way for me to feel safe in such a seemingly unstable world. Ultimately it has given me awareness over the shadow parts of myself and help to continue to illuminate the lighter parts of myself too.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a daily practice where you deepen the experience of who you really are. It is putting effort into uncovering all of who you are. It is finding and discovering your authenticity. It is healing, balancing, comporting, peaceful, deep, and has the ability to bring an incredible level of serenity. It helps us in being effortlessly grateful and appreciative of our lives – for everything, not just what we perceive as “good” or what we think is “bad”. It helps us to see the full picture of a situation and learn our lessons so we can become wiser.

In truth, meditation is everything. Life is a meditation. You can make anything a meditation. The moment you take a few deep breaths, you deepen your experience of life itself because you are bringing in more life into you. If you take shallow breaths, your life will be more shallow. It’s a very simple thing to understand, but to shift the autonomous process of the breath to a moment to moment, deep breath takes focus. You can do this while you are walking to the store, in the store, to your car, while you are running errands, you can do this while you are working, sending an email… 

Once you begin a meditation practice, you start to notice that you can meditate anywhere and everywhere. It is not that hard to adopt it into your life as long as you are willing to change a couple of things in your lifestyle. We have to remember that anytime we want to evolve, adapt or change something in our lives it requires discipline and consistency. These are the keys to success in everything we do in life. Creating a spiritual practice to expand your faith and trust in yourself is what we need in order to achieve our ambitions, goals, dreams, and the like.

Now, practice meditating by simply breathing and listening to your breath. Sometimes starting out in silence can be more challenging than one would think. Set yourself up for success by also listening to some meditative music in the background. It will help you when you are just starting out. 

There are many kinds of meditations out there to try. There are many guided meditations, visualizations, sound frequencies, pranayamas (breath-work), etc to explore…. If it at all feels overwhelming or you have any questions, please send me a message and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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