6 Steps to Help You Achieve Your 2022 Goals!

If you’ve struggled to maintain your New Year resolutions so far, you may want to consider setting SMART goals instead, that will help you to plan and structure more realistic, achievable goals in 2022.

By setting SMART goals, (rather than resolutions) that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound, you will significantly increase your chances of achieving your 2022 goals.

Here’s 6 steps to help you achieve your 2022 goals:

  1. Reflect over all areas of your life to determine where you are –and where you want to go. Reflect on the personal (relationships, health), professional (money, career goals), emotional (mental health), and spiritual (self-actualization, self-care) areas of your life. 

Reflection is a personal process, so whatever goals YOU want to focus on, ensure they’re meaningful and not too many (pick your top five to get started), so you’ll be more likely to achieve them.

  1. Write down your SMART goals for the areas in your life you are committed to changing. Use the SMART acronym to set goals. 
  • Be specific. Your goals should answer the questions of what you want to accomplish and why it is important to you. 
  • Make sure it’s measurable. Quantify your goal in a way you have control. Don’t rely on someone else to measure your success such as receiving a raise. That is outside of your control. 
  • Make sure your goal is achievable. Even the loftiest goals can be accomplished. It all starts with a single step.
  • Determine its relevance. Why is this important to you now? Is this goal relevant in your life right now? Relevance is particularly important when setting professional and personal goals. 
  • Time bound means setting a specific deadline for accomplishment. A deadline creates a sense of urgency to motivate us to act. 

Here’s an example: I will lose 5 lbs. (specific and measurable) before my wellness exam (relevance) in February (time bound) by substituting a piece of fruit (achievable) for my morning muffin.  

  1. Post your goals where you can see them. Affirmations, vision boards, and visualization help, so post your goals where you can see them every day. When we write down our goals and then close the notebook, weeks go by without ever seeing or revisiting our goals. Posting them where you can see them keeps them top-of-mind. 
  2. Tell a friend or mentor. Research shows that if you tell someone you trust (friend or mentor) about your plan to achieve your goal and keep them informed of your progress, you’re more likely to achieve your goals, due to accountability.
  3. Be flexible. Sometimes our goals become outdated or irrelevant, so ditch those. Write new goals if it’s relevant, or see how you might tweak the other goals you’ve written. 
  4. Celebrate your wins & be kind to yourself. Every win, big or small is important, so celebrate them all. Also, be kind to yourself if you slip up, or you don’t make as much progress as you hoped. This is all part of the process and may be a good time to adjust your goals to something more achievable, so you can experience success.

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